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Canfield Court Judge

Honorable Scott Hunter
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What We Do
This court conduct court business relating to misdemeanor criminal and traffic charges, small claims and civil complaints, initial appearance(s) on felony charges and probation violations.

This court has jurisdiction over:
  • City of Canfield
  • Canfield Township
  • Beaver Township
The Honorable Scott D. Hunter also presides over the Mahoning County Misdemeanor Drug Court which is an alternative to incarceration. A person may enter the Misdemeanor Drug Court once assessed and accepted. The person pleads as charged and then participates in all mandated rehabilitation programs and services. Upon successful completion, the person will graduate from the Misdemeanor Drug Court and the original charges will be dismissed. If the person does not complete the program successfully, he is sentenced to those original charges. This Drug Court has proven very successful and has been a positive influence in our community.
Bailiff: 330-533-3643
Probation Officer: 330-533-5290
Probation Secretary: 330-740-2196
Court Administrator: 330-740-2196