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Probation Services

Office Phone: 330-740-2196

Fax: 330-792-3362

The Community Control Department or more commonly known as Probation Department provides a variety of services to the Judges of the Mahoning County Courts and the community. The Court places offenders deemed appropriate on reporting or non-reporting probation for a specific period of time. During this time the offenders are expected to abide by the conditions of their probation, which varies from person to person. If a person fails to abide by these conditions, a probation violation will be issued and a necessary probation violation hearing will be held.

The following is a list of available agencies and programs utilized by the court.

Meridian Services Community Care
Neil  Kennedy Recovery  
Center Turning Point
On Demand Recovery 
Travco Behavioral Health
Breaking Point Recovery Center
Quest Recovery & Prevention Services (Alliance and Canton)
Family Recovery Center (Lisbon)
Diversion Program  330-501-0067
TASC  330-743-2192
Community Corrections Association (CCCA) Step Ahead
Life Safer - 1-888-252-4045
Victim Awareness Program 330-726-3523
Stoplift Program 330-743-5149 ext. 101
Forensic Psychiatric Center of Northeast  Ohio 330-792-1918
Goshen Township Police Department (Community Service Program)
Mahoning County Sheriff s Department (Community Service Program)