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  1. Criminal Division
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  3. Delinquent Tax Division
The Criminal Division is responsible for the prosecution of all crimes occurring in Mahoning County, except those misdemeanor offenses committed within the limits of the various municipal corporations located within the county. The Criminal Division is also responsible for appeals in criminal cases, juvenile delinquency proceedings, and the Victim/Witness Program.

“The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Criminal Division will investigate, indict and aggressively pursue to final conviction those individuals committing crime in Mahoning County, thereby enhancing the public safety and building confidence in the Criminal Justice system.  This Office is dedicated to accomplish its mission utilizing the most cost effective methods available consistent with the interest of justice.” 

Nicholas E. Modarelli, First Assistant Prosecutor
Linette M. Stratford, Chief Assistant Prosecutor
(330) 740-2330
Fax: (330) 740-2008

The Criminal Division of the Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for litigating on behalf of Mahoning County at every level of the criminal justice system.

To effectively prosecute offenders and manage day-to-day activities, the Criminal Division is divided into many branches. These include Appellate, Criminal Nonsupport, Diversion, Drug/Forfeiture, Felony Trial, Grand Jury/Intake, Juvenile Court, County Court, and Victim / Witness.  Assistant Prosecutors are assigned to handle pending criminal matters pending before each judge of the Mahoning County Common Pleas Court and each of the county courts. 


Common Pleas courtroom assignments as of 2/19/16:
Judge Christian- Courtroom No. 1
Kevin Trapp – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7227
Nick Brevetta – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7428

Judge Sweeney - Courtroom No. 2
Rob Andrews – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7229
Mike Rich – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7386

Judge Krichbaum - Courtroom No. 3
Stephen Maszczak – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7397

Judge Durkin - Courtroom No. 4
Meghan Brundege – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7224
Marybeth DiGravio – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7425

Judge D’Apolito - Courtroom No. 5
Jennifer Paris – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7219
Shawn Burns – (330) 740-2330, ext. 7428