Passport Fees & Information

All passport forms can be found at the Passport Department or at the U.S. Department of State website.

Passport Fees
Adult Applicants(Age 16 Years and Older)
Minor Applicants (Under Age 16)
What Are You Applying For? Application Fee *Execution Fee Use Form
Adult Passport Book & Card (first time) $140 + $25 DS-11
Adult Passport Book (first time) $110 + $25 DS-11
Adult Passport Card (first time) $30 + $25 DS-11
Adult Passport Book & Card (renewal) $140   DS-82
Adult Passport Book (renewal) $110   DS-82
Adult Passport Card (renewal) $30   DS-82
Minor Passport Book & Card (first time/renewal) $95 + $25 DS-11
Minor Passport Book (first time/renewal) $80 + $25 DS-11
Minor Passport Card (first time/renewal) $15 + $25 DS-11
All first time applicants must apply in person at a Passport Agency,an authorized Passport Application Acceptance Facility, U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

*The passport execution fee is charged to passport applicants applying on Form DS-11 to recover the costs of executing the passport application, such as administering the oath, verifying the applicant's identity, and transmitting the applications.  The execution fee must be paid at the time of application execution.