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      Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District
      Public Comment Period: September 1, 2012 through October 12, 2012
      Public Hearing: October 16, 2012: 9 AM to Noon, Covelli Centre, Youngstown, Ohio

      Policy Committee Members
      Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti, Chairperson
      Mayor Charles Sammarone, City of Youngstown
      Robert Orr, Township Trustee Association
      Patricia Sweeney, Mahoning County Board of Health Commissioner
      Dr. Joseph Edwards, Public Member
      Dr. Kristine Shoemaker, Citizen Member
      Thomas Yanko, Industrial Member
      Board of Directors
      Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti, Chairperson
      Commissioner David Ditzler
      Commissioner Anthony Traficanti

      Notice is hereby given that the Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District has completed the final draft of the Solid Waste Management Plan Update (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) as required by the Ohio Revised Code Section 3734.56 (A) “Periodic Submission of Amended Plan and Certification”. This Notice fulfills the obligation according to ORC Section 3734.55.

      The Plan addresses a comprehensive set of solid waste management issues, with activities and projects presented that will provide the residents, businesses, and industries of the District with the appropriate mechanisms to address the solid waste management needs during the planning period: 2013 through 2027. The Plan serves to assure that the District has sufficient disposal capacity throughout the planning period, to provide cost-effective and pragmatic strategies to reduce landfill reliance, and to make provisions to improve the general health and safety of the community as it relates to solid waste management.

      The fees levied under the Plan pursuant to Div. (B) of the ORC Section 3734.57 on the disposal of solid waste within the District are as follows:

      • In District (solid waste generated in Mahoning County) = $1.50 per ton
      • Out-of-District (solid waste generated in Ohio, but not in Mahoning County) = $3.00 per ton
      • Out-of-State (solid waste generated outside of Ohio) = $1.50 per ton
      • Cuyahoga County Joint Use Agreement = $1.50 per ton

      The Board of Directors of the Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District is authorized to establish facility designations in accordance with Section 343.014 of the ORC. The list of Designated Facilities is included in Section VI of the Plan along with the Waiver Process for Undesignated Facilities.

      The Plan is available for public review from September 1, 2012 through October 12, 2012 at the following locations:

      • Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District
      • 345 Oakhill Ave., Suite 330, Youngstown, Ohio
      • Main Public Library, 305 Wick Ave., Youngstown, Ohio
      • Austintown Public Library, 600 South Raccoon Rd., Austintown, Ohio
      • Boardman Public Library, 7680 Glenwood Ave., Boardman, Ohio
      • Brownlee Woods Public Library, 4010 Sheridan Rd., Youngstown, Ohio
      • Canfield Public Library, 43 W. Main St., Canfield, Ohio
      • Greenford Public Library, 7441 W. South Range Rd., Greenford, Ohio
      • Lake Milton Public Library, 1320 Grandview Ave., Lake Milton, Ohio
      • Poland Public Library, 311 South Main St., Poland, Ohio
      • Sebring Public Library, 195 W. Ohio Ave., Sebring, Ohio
      • Springfield Public Library, 10418 Main St., New Middletown, Ohio

        NOTE: for assistance in finding library locations, interested persons should call the District for directions: 330-740-2060 (M-F, 8 AM to 4.30 PM), or e-mail:

      The Plan Sections and Tables may be reviewed online below this section.

      The District’s Policy Committee and Board of Directors welcome written comments from the public during the public comment period. Submit to:

      Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District
      345 Oakhill Ave., Suite 330
      Youngstown, Ohio 44502

      A public hearing on the Plan will occur on Tuesday, October 16, 2012
      TIME: 9 AM to Noon
      LOCATION: Covelli Centre, Community Room, 229 East Front St., Youngstown, Ohio

      The Plan contains detailed information and makes provisions for the following:

      • Inventories of solid waste management facilities, open dumps, and other relevant sites
      • Population and waste generation projections
      • Source reduction and recycling strategies
      • Methods of management, facilities and programs to be used: 
        • District methods for management of solid waste
        • Demonstration of access to capacity
        • Schedule for facilities and programs
        • Identification of facilities
        • Authorization statement to designate
        • Waiver process for undesignated facilities
        • Siting strategies for facilities
        • Contingencies for capacity assurance and district program implementation
      • Measurement of progress toward waste reduction goals and meeting the access requirement through waste reduction opportunities
      • Cost and financing of plan implementation
      • District rules

      Section I - Introduction (30KB)
      Section II - Executive Summary (93 KB)
      Section III - Inventories (130 KB)
      Section IV - Reference Year (292 KB)
      Section V - Projections and Strategies (176 KB)
      Section VI - Methods of Management (112 KB)
      Section VII - Measurement of Progress Towards Goals (64 KB)
      Section VIII - Cost & Financing of Plan Implementation (87 KB)
      Section IX - District Rules (12 KB) 

      Solid Waste Management Plan Draft Update | 2011 Annual District Report

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