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      Medical Programs

      Medicaid  provides health care coverage to some low-income individuals and families

      Healthy Start/ Healthy Families Families, children up to age 19 and pregnant women with limited incomes are covered through Medicaid under Healthy Start or Healthy Families. Additionally, families with children under age 18 who participate in the Ohio Works First cash assistance program (OWF) are automatically covered by Medicaid. Families who leave OWF for employment are eligible for 6-12 months of coverage during that transitional period.

      Expedited Medicaid covers pregnant
      women while eligibility is being established for Healthy Start. To be eligible the applicant must submit verification of identity, pregnancy statement and proof of income. There is no face-to-face interview requirement and no resource limit.

      HealthChek is a preventive health care program for those on Medicaid under the age of 21. Services include complete physical exams and immunizations, dental checkups, vision, and hearing screens

      Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities (MBIWD) Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities (MBIWD) is an Ohio Medicaid program that  provides health care coverage to working Ohioans with disabilities. MBIWD was created to  encourage Ohioans with disabilities to work and still keep their health care coverage.  No  face to face interview is required for this program. Consumers enrolled in MBIWD do not have  to pay a spenddown, bur premiums may apply.

      Aged, Blind and Disabled (ABD)
      Adults 65 and older can be eligible for Medicaid. Individuals of any age with disabilities, including individuals who are legally blind, can also qualify for Medicaid. In some cases, individuals can "spenddown" their income to become Medicaid eligible. These individuals can use paid or incurred (as yet unpaid) medical expenses to "spenddown" their income qualifying for Medicaid. The health care date may change each month, depending on the when the spenddown amount is met.

      Medicare Premium Assistance Program Individuals with low incomes who are eligible for Medicare can receive help with all or part of their Medicare Part B premiums, co-payments and/or other deductibles. Different levels of assistance are available depending on income.

      Breast & Cervical Cancer Medicaid is available to women who have been screened for breast or cervical cancer through the Ohio Department of Health's Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention Project and are in need of treatment. In order to qualify, women also need to be uninsured and meet the basic Medicaid requirements (e.g., income, Ohio residency, etc.). Women who qualify will receive full Medicaid coverage benefits not just cancer treatment benefits. Medicaid coverage ends when cancer treatment is completed.


      • NET (Non Emergency Transportation) provides transportation to medically necessary appointments, such as renal dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as routine doctor appointments. Transportation must be for non-emergencies and to a Medicaid provider.


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