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      Updated: May 31, 2012

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      • Board OfficeBoard Office
        4791 Woodridge Drive (GET MAP!)
        Austintown, OH 44515
        330-797-2825, FAX: 330-797-2843

      Bill Whitacre, Superintendent

      Kristine Hodge, Assistant Superintendent

      Kara Morgan  Executive Assistant, Superintendent

      Toni Scurpa, Director of Adult Day Services
      Will Bagnola
      , Human Resource Director

      Brenda Holt, Executive Assistant, Human Resources

      Jacklyn Bertolini, Executive Assistant, Human Resources

      Sean Kern, Business Manager

      Debbie Clouser, Budget Specialist

      Carrie HaganExecutive Assistant, Payroll 

      Frank Dietz, Maintenance Coordinator


      • Leonard KirtzLeonard Kirtz School
        4801 Woodridge Drive
        (GET MAP!)

        Austintown, OH 44515
        330-797-2847, FAX: 330-797-2861

      Jeff Novak, Director of Education

      Mary Felger, Secretary

      Health Office

      Debra Suffolk, Language Development Specialist

      • Transportation DepartmentTransportation Department
        4795 Woodridge Drive
        (GET MAP!)
        Austintown, OH 44515
        330-797-2837, FAX: 330-797-2929 

      Waymond Grace, Transportation Supervisor  

      Peggy Heaver, Secretary

      Kim Melia, Secretary

      Renee VanNatta, Secretary  


      • Community Support ServicesCommunity Support Services
        130 Javit Ct.
        (GET MAP!)

        Austintown, OH 44515
        330-797-2925, FAX: 330-797-2977
        CONFIDENTIAL FAX: 330-797-3053
        24 HOUR HOTLINE: 330-747-2696

      Vince Paolucci, Director of Community Services

      Diana Davila, SSA Supervisor
      Carolyn Brown, SSA Supervisor
      Joe Schesler, SSA Supervisor

      Mary Jo Orr, Executive Assistant, Community Services

      Sandy Beaver, Secretary

      Jill Marsh, Secretary

      Patty Cearfoss, Secretary

      Evonne Baiduc, Service & Support Administrator

      Ashley Barnett, Service & Support Administrator

      Melissa Bennett, Service & Support Administrator

      Kim Bernier, Service & Support Administrator

      Michele Broza, Service & Support Administrator
      Peg Burkey
      , Service & Support Administrator

      Heather Harrison, Service & Support Administrator
      Candice Jones
      , Service & Support Administrator
      Collen Kosta, Service & Support Administrator
      Robin Land, Service & Support Administrator
      Renee Mayberry, Service & Support Administrator

      Christina Moore, Service & Support Administrator

      Carmen Ocasio, Service & Support Administrator

      Roseanne O,Nesti, Service & Support Administrator

      Lindsey Patrick, Service & Support Administrator

      Michael Pesce, Service & Support Administrator

      Carol Riddle, Service & Support Administrator

      Joe Rochette, Service & Support Administrator
      Adam Sweeney, Service & Support Administrator

      Shawn Trowers, Service & Support Administrator

      Dawn Wehr, Service & Support Administrator

      Janine Wlodarsky, Service & Support Administrator



      • Centre @ JavitCentre @ Javit
        153 Javit Ct.
        (GET MAP!)

        Austintown, OH 44515
        330-799-2120, FAX: 330-799-2530

      Ashley Handel, Hab Center Director

      Lindsay James, Habilitation Specialist

      Lenore Banks, Executive Assistant, Adult Services
      Marilyn Jeswald
      , Secretary

      Health Office

      The Workshops
      MASCO, Inc.

      • Bev MASCOBev MASCO
        825 Bev Road
        (GET MAP!)

        Boardman, OH 44512
        330-797-2886, FAX: 330-758-4236
        Greenhouse: 330-797-3054

      Brian Meenachan, Workshop Director

      Matt Chizmar, Production Manager

      Lyn Wagner, Fiscal Account Clerk

      Health Office


      • Meshel MASCOMeshel MASCO
        160 Marwood Circle
        (GET MAP!)
        Boardman, OH 44512
        330-797-2902, FAX: 330-726-1522

      James Critell, Workshop Director
      Jerry DePascale, Production Manager/Contract Procurement Specialist
      Lois Bresnahan, Secretary
      Gail Froomkin, Secretary
      Tim Pascarella, Habilitation Specialist
      Lynn Seekford, Habilitation Specialist

      Health Office





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