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      Turning Point Counseling Services is a behavioral health center specializing in mental health and substance abuse services for adults who encounter crisis or stress in their lives. 

      Asking for help is often one of life's most difficult tasks.  If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of emotional or behavioral problems, take the first step and contact us.  These problems can be treated.  Turning Point Counseling Services can help. 

      Our mission is to provide the highest quality comprehensive behavioral health care and addiction services designed to restore, improve and enrich the lives of individuals and their families.  Our vision is to provide the best possible services and expert care for every person we serve through dedication to excellence and comprehensive clinical care. 



      Serving more than 2,500 adults in Mahoning County every year, our services are designed to help people effectively deal with the stress and emotional problems of everyday living.  Combining a comprehensive clinical approach with an experienced and caring staff, Turning Point Counseling Services provides accessible, affordable and confidential services to those in need in our community. 


      Turning Point Counseling Services provides evaluation and treatment for depression, anxiety, mood, panic and personality disorders, suicidal tendencies and many other problems.  When the client's need extends beyond mental health or substance abuse services, we can help with specific referrals within the broad network of community resources. 
      • Crisis Intervention, available 24 hours a day, can help an individual regain his or her customary coping skills when they are temporarily feeling out of control. 
      • Counseling and Psychotherapy services are provided one on one and in group sessions.  This process can help individuals understand the reasons for their behavior, emotional distress and/or substance abuse problems, and develop positive plans for change. 
      • For those needing ongoing assistance, Turning Point's Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment offers case management services and the opportunity for the individual to reestablish a life of balance and productivity.  Case managers empower clients with strong and compassionate support, education about their illness, and concrete assistance in navigating the maze of available social services.  Community support services are designed to improve an individual's chances for self-sufficiency, whether in the community, at home or on the job. 
      • Our Group Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Program provides daily activities, therapeutic interventions and education for clients in need of a more structured program.  Clients participate in group oriented case management designed to increase support and coping skills to function in the community. 
      • Individuals in severe distress, who may present a danger to themselves or others, are possible candidates for hospitalization.  The Emergency Services staff can assess the individual's current situation and strengths before determining the appropriate level of care.  By only recommending hospitalization for the most severely impaired, clients are better served and can begin immediate steps to recovery. 
      • For individuals in need of short term inpatient care, the Crisis Stabilization Unit is an 18 bed facility located within Turning Point Counseling Services and is an alternative to hospitalization.  Residents in the CSU find a calm, supportive atmosphere, psychiatric services, necessary medication and focused group therapy on a daily basis. 
      Turning Point Counseling Services is committed to providing quality services that are accessible and culturally sensitive.  The diverse, qualified staff of counselors, social workers, case managers, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, administrators and support staff are committed to the highest level of customer care and satisfaction. 
      • Contract agency of the Mahoning County Mental Health Board
      • Certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health
      • Certified by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services
      • CARF Accredited

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