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      Executive Director
       Duane J. Piccirilli, LPCC-S


      “The mission of the Mahoning County Mental Health Board is to establish mental health and recovery from mental illness as a cornerstone of health in Mahoning County, assuring access to quality mental health services for residents of Mahoning County at all levels of need and life stages.”


      “The Mahoning County Mental Health Board pursues clinical excellence through progressive treatment, education, research, evaluation and advocacy.  The board promotes the recovery of people with mental illness and the support of their families.  The board works in partnership to respect the rights of people and the safety of the community while honoring unique local, cultural, and special population needs.”


      “Mahoning County will be a community of mentally healthy people who lead fulfilling and productive lives.  It will be a caring community with strong compassion for and a determination to respond effectively and respectfully to the needs of all citizens with mental illness and behavioral disorders which allows them to function in society.”  


      Mahoning County’s Mental Health System is committed to these values: respect, integrity, dedication, quality, teamwork and the confidentiality of our clients.

      What We Do:

      The Mahoning County Commissioners created the Mental Health Board in 1968 pursuant to the House Bill 648 of the Ohio Legislature.  The duties of the Board were clarified in 1988 pursuant to Section 340 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The purpose of the Board is to plan and implement community mental health services for residents of Mahoning County.

      The Mental Health Board is the sole mental health services planning and funding body in Mahoning County. The Board is funded through a State subsidy, Medicaid, Title XX, state and federal grants and a local levy.

      By statute, the Board must provide services by contract through a network of private providers, the majority of which are nonprofit service agencies. Together the contract agencies provide a variety of mental health services to more than 13,000 Mahoning County residents each year. 

      The Board of Directors of the Mental Health Board consist of fourteen (14) Mahoning County residents, of which eight (8) are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and the remaining six (6) appointments by the Ohio Department of Mental Health.

      Who benefits:  Mahoning County residents in need of mental health services, information and referral. 

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      Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report 


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