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      Welcome to the Mahoning County Probate Court case management system. You may now search our index and docket information online. This service is provided to you by Judge Robert N. Rusu, Jr. to assist you in accessing non-confidential probate records.

      Your case search will include records pertaining to both current and closed cases. In some instances and in cases filed prior to 1989, the availability of docket records may only be accomplished by a personal visit to the Court. All confidential matters such as Adoptions, civil commitments pertaining to Mental Illness and Mental Retardation and estate tax forms (after 1990) are not available to the public by law.

      Your case search will allow you to select many options for your inquiry. However, your search will be accelerated depending upon the amount of search criteria you can provide. You should begin your search by clicking on Public Access. You must search by last name and a first initial or first name. You may select a case type or party type if that information is known.

      If searching by case number, the correct format must be used. A correct format is as follows:1999 ES 01. Hyphens should not be used. If your case number search fails, you may initiate a new search criteria by using a party name.

      If you are an attorney who practices in Mahoning County Probate Court you may search for all your cases or scheduled events by first clicking on Attorney Inquiry. At this point you "login" by entering your name (exactly as it appears in the record of CourtView), your password (your password is your bar code number) and click Log In. This screen will show the results of your search and show your name, highlighted, if you click on your name, you will enter the Attorney Summary screen. This screen gives you the option to search either your cases or events by simply clicking on the appropriate link.

      After clicking Public Access, the initial search page may take some time to load depending upon the speed of your computer and/or Internet connection.

      The information you have accessed may not reflect updates, changes or rulings that have not yet been posted to the system. The Mahoning County Probate Court reserves the right to make changes and assumes no liability for damages as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies.

      If you are experiencing difficulties with one or more features, please e-mail us at

      Thank you for using the Mahoning County Probate Court's case management search.


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