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      Prosecutor's Office

      Department Head
      Attorney Paul J. Gains 

      Mission Statements: 

      Civil Division

      “The primary mission of the Civil Division of the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office is to provide full service professional representation to each of its statutory clients within the bounds of the laws of the State of Ohio and the United States of America and to avoid the expense of having such clients seek outside counsel unless an irreconcilable conflict exists as a matter of law or a particularized expertise or specialized licensed practice is required (i.e., Bond Counsel), or the Prosecutor determines it is more cost effective for insurance defense counsel to assume representation, if applicable.”

      “Further, it is the ethical duty of each Assistant Prosecutor of the Civil Division to use discretionary power relative to litigation to refrain from instituting or continuing litigation that is obviously unfair.  The Assistant Prosecutors in the Civil Division, as government lawyers should, if he/she believes there is a lack of merit in a controversy submitted to him/her, advise their superiors and recommend avoidance of unfair litigation.  Such Assistant Prosecutors, acting in a civil action or administrative proceedings, have the responsibility to seek justice and to develop a full and fair record.  He/she should not use their position or the economic power of the government to harass parties or to bring about unjust settlements or results.”

      Criminal Division

      “The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Criminal Division will investigate, indict and aggressively pursue to final conviction those individuals committing crime in Mahoning County, thereby enhancing the public safety and building confidence in the Criminal Justice system.  This Office is dedicated to accomplish its mission utilizing the most cost effective methods available consistent with the interest of justice.”

      Delinquent Tax Division

      “The Delinquent Tax Division of the Prosecutor’s Office will provide for the efficient and timely collection of delinquent taxes in Mahoning County as determined primarily by the Mahoning County Treasurer’s prioritizing of collections and with the goal of facilitating recovery of delinquent properties for the general public by foreclosing on such properties at the request of either interested parties or the City of Youngstown, Campbell and Struthers Land Reutilization Programs.”

      “In addition, the Delinquent Tax Division of the Prosecutor’s Office will provide for the efficient and timely collection of taxes due and payable which are the subject of foreclosure actions instituted by private parties or by participating in the litigation, assuring that the Mahoning County Treasurer’s interests are protected and that the proper amount of taxes are recovered from either the settlement of such litigation or sale of the subject properties.”

      What We Do:

      The Mahoning County Prosecutor is the County’s criminal and civil attorney.  The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to seeking justice in criminal cases, providing legal representation to all county officials, agencies, departments and townships, and we are committed to supporting victims of crime. 

      The Mahoning County Prosecutor is best known to the public for being responsible for prosecuting criminal actions in the name of the State of Ohio.  The Criminal Division of the Prosecutor's Office utilizes a team of attorneys who work hard to uphold the law and protect the citizens of Mahoning County and seek punishment for offenders of crimes.  The Criminal Division prosecutes adults for felony crimes, and juveniles charged with both felony and misdemeanor level offenses. The Criminal Division also provides 24 hour a day legal assistance and advice to all Mahoning County law enforcement agencies and provides legal services in the preparation of all arrest warrants and search warrants. 

      In addition, the Mahoning County Prosecutor is the legal advisor to all county boards, county agencies, county elected officials, and township officers, boards and commissions.  The civil responsibilities of the Prosecutor's Office include initiating and defending civil actions and appeals in state and federal courts.  These actions are as varied as those found in the private practice of law and include complex business law isssues, civil rights violations, personal injury claims, and real property acquisition.  The Prosecutor deals with personnel and labor issues and worker's compensation claims.  In addition, the Prosecutor is responsible for the rendering of written legal opinions.  The Prosecutor also reviews and gives approval as to the form of all contracts. Finally, the County Prosecutor serves as a member of the County Budget Commission and works with the County Treasurer to collect delinquent accounts.  

      Who Benefits:

      The Community and Public at large and individual victims of crimes benefit most from the services of the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office.    

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