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      Illegal Dumping Hinders Recycling Efforts

           Old couches, lawn furniture, dinnerware, broken toys, TVs, dehumidifiers, and the list goes on and on. What do these items have in common? They are all items that have been illegally dumped at Green Team recycling sites, and the result is disheartening.

       Because of open dumping issues, two sites recently closed. The first site was at the Turner Road Fire Station in Austintown. The unsightly accumulation of non-recyclable materials on the ground and blowing litter prompted neighbors to complain, and ultimately led to the closure. The second site to close was at Sam’s Club in Boardman. After months of viewing trash left around recycling bins, company officials justifiably decided that being home to an illegal dump site  was  not in the best interest of its patrons as it presented liability concerns.

       The Green Team regrets that the actions of a small percentage of people ruined recycling efforts for those who really care and are trying to do the right thing. In an effort to combat the problem, we will continue providing education and awareness to the public through our outreach programs. Please realize that when everyone recycles responsibly, the environmental rewards are great. When people abuse the system, there can be negative consequences.

        If you would like to learn more about materials accepted in Green Team recycling programs, visit our website at www., follow us on Facebook, or call our office at 330.740.2060. A cheerful staff member is always available to assist you.




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