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      Solid Waste Management District (SWMD)
      The Green Team

      Mission Statement:

      The goal of the Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District is to provide cost-effective, comprehensive, and convenient waste reduction and litter prevention strategies and opportunities for residents, businesses, and industries in order to lessen the overall solid waste generation level and maintain the highest waste reduction rates achievable in the residential/commercial and industrial sectors.

      Mahoning County Commissioners:
      Commissioner David C. Ditzler
      Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti
      Commissioner Anthony T. Traficanti

      What We Do:

       The Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District is under the authority of the Board of Mahoning County Commissioners who actively supports the goals of the program. The District is one of 52 in Ohio created as a result of the passage of H.B. 592 in 1988.  Each district was established with the mission of reducing reliance on landfills and incinerators through the establishment of reuse and recycling programs. This is accomplished by developing an integrated solid waste management system that is implemented in an environmentally sound, technically feasible, cost effective and publicly acceptable manner. The District has a Solid Waste Plan that serves as the legally authorizing document for all waste reduction programs and fiscal matters. The Plan is accessible on this website, and as per the Ohio Revised Code, the process to update it commenced during the fourth quarter of 2010. Once fully ratified, the updated Plan will be implemented starting in 2013. During the ratification process, ample opportunity will be afforded residents and local government officials to provide comments.

      In addition to commonly recycled items such as newspaper, magazines, brochures, metal food and beverage cans, and glass bottles and plastic containers; the District provides opportunities for yard waste composting, special drives for appliances, electronics, and tires, and an annual household hazardous waste event. The District has an excellent educational outreach program that involves classroom presentations, environmental workshops, public displays and exciting contests. The District has a unique partnership with Youngstown State University, and provides funds for their nationally recognized recycling and re:CREATE programs which include a popular Materials Exchange. 

      The District is attempting to eliminate litter and illegal dumping by utilizing law enforcement and educational tools. We encourage residents to participate in community clean ups and report acts of littering and illegal dumping by calling 330-740-2060. A wide variety of media marketing tools are used to extend our message. The District partners with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department to provide work crews that collect litter, maintain recycling sites, and assist during special recycling events. It also provides significant funding to the Mahoning County Board of Health for landfill inspections and well-water testing, the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office for the maintenance of county roads near landfills, the Emergency Management Office for solid waste emergencies, and the Prosecutor’s Office for legal assistance. One of the most important partnerships is with the township trustees, and city and village mayors and council members. The District provides annual recycling assistance grants so that the community recycling sites are well maintained by locally designated recycling coordinators. They are the foundation of the District’s programs as they serve as community ambassadors for recycling.

      Throughout this website, viewers will see the multitude of programs offered that include FREE curbside recycling for over 95,000 housholds provided by Allied/Republic Waste Services at no cost to the District. The District provides numerous community drop-off recycling sites; special recycling drives; a business recycling program with free solid waste assessments; Christmas tree recycling; household battery recycling through the Mahoning County Public Libraries; the YSU Materials Exchange; community reuse events; grant drafting, submission, and if awarded – administration for public/private recycling ventures; and much more. The District is fortunate to have a very active Policy Committee that serves in an advisory capacity, and the Board of Commissioners who support waste reduction initiatives as recommended by the Director. The District has gone from a very low recycling rate in 2004 to over 25% in the past few years, and the goal is to continue to reduce solid waste in order to protect the health and safety of all Mahoning County residents.

      Who Benefits:

      Mahoning County residents, businesses, schools, institutions, and industries benefit from the services provided by the Solid Waste Management District.

      Revenue Sources:

      Non-General Fund – Landfill Disposal Fees, Designation Agreement Fees, and grants when awarded

      Board of Directors - 2014:

      Mahoning County Commissioners

      Policy Committee – 2014:

      Commissioner David C. Ditzler, Chairperson
      Mayor John A. McNally, City of Youngstown 
      Patricia Sweeney, Mahoning County Health Commissioner
      Robert McCracken, Township Association Representative
      Dr. Joseph Edwards, Public Representative
      Thomas Yanko, Industrial Representative
      James P. Stratton, Citizen Representative




      All dates on the calendar are subject to change.

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