Name Change/Correction

Name Change/Correction


There are four (4) ways to change your name:

  1. An Application for Name Change;
  2. A Birth Record Correction;
  3. An Application to Conform Name; and
  4. An Adoption.


1.    Name Change

 Any person who has been a resident of Mahoning County for at least sixty (60) days can file an Application for Change of Name (SPF 21.0) along with the accompanying documentation found here (Name Change Instruction link).


If approved by the Court, the Name Change Order will change the Applicant’s current legal name.  The change will become effective on the date the Court signs the name change Order.   It is not retroactive!  It simply changes the name from the date of the hearing into the future.


All Name Change information and forms can be found here.


2.     Birth Record Correction


If your birth record contains an error, which was made at the time of your birth, it is possible to file a Birth Correction to have that error corrected.


This action will only correct an actual “error” on the birth certificate.  It cannot be used to make desired changes to the spelling of a name.


            All Birth Record Correction information and forms can be found here.


3.    Application to Conform Legal Name


An Applicant who has resided in Mahoning County for at least sixty (60) days and has a misspelling, inconsistency or other error on one (1) or more of their official identity documents which causes a discrepancy in the Applicant’s chain of identity, may ask the Court to conform their name.


Here is an example of a name conformity:

            "A female was born in Ohio with the first name of “Angelica”; however, over time she has shortened it on all of her other official documents such as her Social Security Card and state issued ID to “Angela” causing a discrepancy with her birth certificate."


            An Application for Name Conformity and all related information can be found here.


4.     Adoption


An Adoption Order can also change a person’s name; however, there are legal ramifications with an Adoption and it is highly recommended you consult an attorney prior to commencing an Adoption.


            All Adoption information can be found here.




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