Proposed Levies

Property taxes are measured in mills. One mill generates one dollar of tax for each $1,000 of a property’s assessed value.

Types of Levies
Additional Levy - A new levy

Replacement Levy - An existing levy to be replaced at the original levy amount approved by voters before any reduction factors due to House Bill 920. Generally increases current property taxes.

Renewal Levy - An existing levy to be renewed at the current millage amount. Generally does not increase current property taxes.

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Steps to Calculate Real Property Tax Increase from Additional and/or Replacement Levies

Market Value (Value set by Mahoning County Auditor) x 35 % = Assessed Value (Taxable Value)      

Assessed Value ÷ 1,000 (Tax Rates are based on a taxable thousand) x Proposed Additional or Replacement Bond/Levy Amount = Yearly Gross Tax Amount before applicable reductions/credits  

Sample Calculation

Market Value                                 
Assessed Value (35% of Market Value)                             
Divide by 1,000 (Tax rates are based on a taxable thousand)    
Tax Rate

Estimate of Additional Taxes
*All taxes are estimated on Market Value