Facilities Management Department

Mission Statement
“Maintain all Mahoning County Facilities efficiently and cost effective without sacrificing the quality of workmanship. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and safe work place for our employees as well as a clean well maintained environment for the public. We intend to do this by taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach to maintenance.”

What We Do
The Facilities Management Department will strive to discover the most economical and functional preventive maintenance programs available for all County buildings. In addition, remodeling, renovation, and new construction will be planned and designed with the future needs of the citizens of Mahoning County accounted for.

The Facilities Management Department must keep the lines of communication open among all departments within the County’s jurisdiction.

  • Prioritize all repairs and projects to be completed in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  • Performance maintenance schedules of all county buildings.
  • Centralized HVAC Temperature Control of systems to optimize energy use.
  • Work with architects and contractors on projects where needed.
  • Work with other departments on developing bid specifications for outside services that are needed.
  • Analyze all maintenance contracts with the County to ensure we are receiving optimum service at a reasonable price.
  • Purchase equipment at the best price to complete projects efficiently.
  • React immediately to all emergency situations.
  • Maintain health and cleanliness of all county buildings.
  • Renovate existing structures as well as construction of new areas to better serve our employees and the public.
Revenue Source
The Facilities Management Department is fully funded by the General Fund.