Faith Based Ministries

Faith Based Ministries is a program designed to provide a nondenominational approach for students to develop a feeling of hope and healing and to present them with a nonjudgmental environment in which to achieve it.  

At the time of admission into Detention contact is made with each student to determine if there is a desire for the student to speak with a Faith Based representative, such as a Priest, Pastor, Minister, Rabbi, Etc.  Arrangements are made to facilitate their request.

While in Detention, there is ongoing contact with each student.  Faith Based Counseling offers process groups for Power Source, A.A, C.A., N.A, Interview Techniques, Discussion Groups (Bible, Movies, Speakers, Etc.) as well as weekly community services conducted by local area churches.  

After Release
When released from the Juvenile Justice Detention Center, Faith Based Counseling is still available as a resource for the student and family.  

Staff delivers ministry services through referring and networking with internal Court program resources as well as external community agencies, schools, churches and neighborhood supports when possible.