Important Forms

  • Application for IV-D Services JFS 07076 (PDF): This application may be used to apply for Title IV-D child support services.
  • Rights and Responsibilities JFS 07012 (PDF): This form describes your rights and your responsibilities as part of the child support services you receive.
  • Report Changes Form (PDF): This form may be used to report any changes to the Mahoning County CSEA, including a change in address, phone number, employment, etc.
  • Request to Terminate Support (PDF): You may use this form to notify the Mahoning County CSEA that a circumstance has occurred that may result in the termination of the support obligation. Upon receipt of this notification, the Mahoning County CSEA will conduct an investigation to determine whether the support obligation should terminate or continue. The CSEA will issue a written recommendation notifying the parties of the CSEA’s findings and recommendations.