Employer Resources

Employers are vital partners of the child support program. Employers work cooperatively with the child support program to ensure that children receive regular and consistent financial and medical support.

All child support orders must now include provisions for collecting the support obligation through income withholding and for providing for medical support for the child. The medical support order will require either that the child be enrolled in available private health insurance, or that the obligor pay an additional sum for a cash medical support obligation if private health insurance is not available at a reasonable cost to the parents.

Income Withholding

If the parent is ordered to pay a family support obligation, the employer (or other source of income) will receive an Income Withholding order telling the employer how to withhold the support obligation. Please visit the Ohio Office of Child Support's resources on complying with an income withholding order for more information.

For more information on making support payments, visit the Ohio Office of Child Support's website.

For assistance in calculating the amounts to withhold if the parent has multiple income withholding orders, visit the Ohio CSEA Director's Association's calculator.

Private Health Insurance

If a parent is ordered to provide private health insurance, the CSEA will send a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) to the employer. The NMSN requires the employer to enroll the child in health insurance coverage that is available through the employer. For more information on complying with a National Medical Support Notice, visit the Ohio Office of Child Support's medical support resources.