Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Boardman Wastewater Treatment Facility
Boardman Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Location: East Parkside Drive in Boardman, near the southern boundary of Mill Creek Park
  • Serving: Portions of Beaver, Boardman and Canfield Townships
  • Average daily treatment: 3.0 million gallons per day (GPD) (2013)
  • Plant capacity: 5.0 million GPD
7890 E. Parkside
Boardman, OH 
Meander Water Pollution Control Facility
Meander Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Location: State Rout 46, south of Salt Springs Road
  • Serving: Canfield Village; Mineral Ridge; portions of Austintown, Canfield, Jackson and Milton Townships
  • Average daily treatment: 2.8 million GPD (2013)
  • Plant capacity: 4.0 million GPD
3264 SR46
Mineral Ridge, OH
New Middletown Facility
New Middletown Facility
  • Location: Unity Road, Springfield Township
  • Serving: New Middletown Village and portions of Springfield Township
  • Average daily treatment: 0.349 million GPD (2013)
  • Plant capacity: 0.550 million GPD
Campbell Wastewater Facility
Campbell Wastewater Facility
  • Location: 4200 Wilson Avenue, Campbell, OH 44405
  • Serving: City of Campbell
  • Average daily treatment: 1.0 million GPD (2013)
  • Plant capacity: 1.5 million GPD
4200 Wilson Ave
Campbell, OH 
Craig Beach - Lake Milton Facility
Craig Beach / Lake Milton Facility
  • Location: Grandview Road, Milton Township
  • Serving: Craig Beach and portions of Milton Township
  • Average daily treatment: 0.341 million GPD (2013)
  • Plant capacity: 1 million GPD
Jackson - Milton Water District Water Tower
Jackson - Milton Water District
  • Water Source: Mahoning Valley Sanitary District through an agreement with The City of Youngstown
  • Serving: Craig Beach, portions of North Jackson and Lake Milton
  • Average daily consumption: 300,000 GPD (2013)