Cyber and Relational Diversion Program (C.A.R.D.)

Judge Theresa Dellick, in an effort to proactively respond to the growing problems associated with the increased incidences of teen sexting, cyber-bullying and sexual harassment, in conjunction with the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, implemented a Cyber and Relational Diversion Program (C.A.R.D.) to address the personal, emotional and legal consequences of inappropriate behaviors with teens and their parents. The five week diversion program began September of 2015.

What specifically does the C.A.R.D. program address?

The program specifically addresses inappropriate sexting, cyber bullying, sexual harassment, cyber safety and Ohio law. The program addresses healthy sexuality, relationships, self-esteem and self-worth. 

How do youth become involved with the program and who is eligible?

 Mahoning County youth, ages 12-17, are eligible for the program and can be referred by the court, parents/guardians, schools, community groups, and law enforcement.  Youth currently on supervision or probation or who are currently being held in detention are not eligible for the program. Parental or guardian involvement is required.  All potential candidates are screened for eligibility. 

Counseling services are available through the Court‘s Clinical Services department free of charge or if need determined, agency referrals may be facilitated.