About the Office

Mission Statement
The office of the Dog Warden is committed to providing protective services for county residents in accordance with the 955 sections of the Ohio Revised Code with compassion and professionalism to ensure the safety and well being of the community. This shall be accomplished through the licensing of the dog population, and the collection and disposal of stray dogs in Mahoning County. 

What We Do
  • Dog Warden and Deputy Warden's are law enforcement agents under the 955 sections of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • We offer protective services to the citizens of Mahoning County by patrolling, seizing, and impounding dogs running at large.
  • We are also charged with ensuring dogs kept within Mahoning County are licensed.
  • We issue court citations for violations of said sections.
  • We promote pet adoption from the shelter and provide information regarding responsible pet ownership, including rabies vaccination and altering
Revenue Source
Dog Warden's office is fully funded by dog license and pound fees.