About the Office

What We Do and Who We Are:

The Mahoning County Juvenile Court is dedicated to providing individualized justice for our children and to protecting the community, carefully balancing the interests of both. We believe there must be consequences for violations of the laws and that treatment begins with legal consequences. We intend these consequences to teach responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. Our goal is to rehabilitate, whenever possible, without endangering the public. 

The Juvenile Court has exclusive original jurisdiction concerning any child who they allege to be a juvenile traffic offender or a delinquent, unruly, abused, neglected, or dependent child. The court also hears and determines any action involving the care and temporary or permanent custody of children. The court’s jurisdiction also includes resolving matters concerning parentage; child-support; visitation; adult behavior concerning the care and condition of a child; and, certain issues dealing with abortion. 

In addition to probation and twenty four hour detention services, the Juvenile Court provides and/or supports many programs ranging from prevention to treatment. 

Mahoning County Juvenile Court is an active member of the Ohio Family and Children First Initiative.

Advisory Board Members

advisory board 2018
Front row:  Mike Aurilio, chair; Krishmu Shipmon, secretary, Warren Harrell, treasurer, Chappie Bair, vice-chair

Second row: Donna Hayak, Lisa Lotze, Lynee Aiad-Toss, Vince Brancaccio, Ryan Pastore
Third row: Tricia Potesta, Carol Crytzer, Kelley Schuler

Back row: Rev. Lewis Macklin, Roxy Gurlea, Kathy Zimmerman, Chuck Whitman, Marty Loney