About the Sheriff

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Sheriff Greene is a proud product of the Mahoning Valley, born and raised in Boardman, Ohio. With his wife and daughters living in this great community, he has a personal stake in keeping Mahoning County safe in the present and the future.

He has worked for the Sheriff’s Office and has learned its processes from the ground level up to the office of Sheriff. The combination of his bachelors degree in criminal justice, training at the FBI National Academy and most importantly his twenty two years working with the Sheriff’s Office makes him the candidate who is most qualified to fill the office of Mahoning County Sheriff.

Education and qualifications:
  • 1984 - Graduate of Boardman High School
  • 1989 - Commissioned as Deputy for the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office
  • 2000 - Graduate of Youngstown State University with a Bachelors of Science and Applied Science in Criminal Justice, with a Minor in Management
  • 2003 - Promoted to the rank of Sergeant with the MCSO
  • 2007 - Promoted to the rank of Captain with the MCSO
  • 2008 - Graduate of the FBI National Academy
  • Certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Association in Corrections
  • Member of the National Sheriff’s Association
  • Member of the FBI National Academy Association

Code of Ethics

As a Mahoning County Deputy Sheriff, my fundamental obligation is to uphold the constitutional rights and freedoms of the people whom I have been sworn to protect.

While I consider the way I choose to conduct my private affairs a personal freedom, I accept the responsibilities for my actions, as well as in-actions, while on duty or off duty, when those actions bring disrepute on the public image of my employer, my fellow officers, and the law enforcement profession.

I vow to perform all my duties in a professional and competent manner. I consider the abilities to be courageous in the face of danger and to exercise restraint in the use of my powers and authorities to be the ultimate public trust. I accept that I must consistently strive to achieve excellence in learning the necessary knowledge and skills associated with my duties. I will keep myself physically fit and mentally alert so that I am capable of performing my duties according to the standards of quality expected of my position.

I vow to be truthful and honest in my dealings with others. I will obey the very laws that I am sworn to uphold. I will seek affirmative ways to comply with the standards of my office and the lawful directions of my superior officers.

I vow to treat others with courtesy at all times. I consider it to be a professional weakness to allow another's behavior to dictate my response. I will not allow others' actions or failings to be my excuse for not performing my duties in a responsible and professional and expected manner.

I vow to empathize with the problems of people with whom I come into daily contact. However, I cannot allow my prejudices, animosities, friendships or personal feelings to influence the discretionary authorities entrusted to my job. I will affirmatively seek ways to avoid conflicts and potential conflicts of interest that could compromise my official authority or public image.

As a Mahoning County Deputy Sheriff, with specific regards to the Mahoning County Jail, I vow to keep this facility secure so as to safeguard my community and the lives of the staff, inmates, and visitors on the premises. I shall protect the constitutional rights of all detainees and inmates of the jail.

I vow to work with each individual firmly and fairly without regard to rank, status, or condition. I will maintain a positive demeanor when confronted with stressful situations of scorn, ridicule, danger, and/or chaos.

I vow to report, either in writing or by word of mouth, to the proper authorities those things which should be reported, and keep silent about matters which are to remain confidential according to the rules of this agency and the law as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.

I vow to manage and supervise the inmates in an evenhanded and courteous manner. I shall refrain at all times from becoming involved in the lives of the inmates and their families. I shall treat all visitors to the jail with politeness and respect and do my utmost to ensure that they observe the jail regulations.

I vow to take advantage of all education and training opportunities designed to assist me to become a more competent Deputy Sheriff. I shall communicate with people in or outside of the jail, whether by phone, written word, or word of mouth, in such a way so as not to reflect in a negative manner upon my agency.