COVID-19 Office Hours

EMA Press Conference - Wednesday, March 23, 2020, 3:00pm

Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency

COVID-19 Pandemic

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Mahoning County EMA is activating the Emergency Operations Center on a limited capacity to maintain social distancing recommendations.  The Activation is in response to first responder personal protective equipment (PPE)

During the Governor’s daily press conference Dr. Amy Acton has encouraged any institution(s) and/or medical facilities that have halted operations during this crisis and are willing to donate PPE to contact the local EMA.  

Mahoning County has established the following email address and phone number if anyone would like to donate PPE.

Or call 330-599-5351

UPDATE July22, 2020 8:00 a.m.





 (Please note that this is a fluid document that changes per Federal, State and Local Guidelines)

Subsequent to Governor DeWine’s executive order to close all bars and restaurants as well as recommendations made by the White House, CDC and local Public Health Officials, the Board of Mahoning County Commissioners are issuing a public notice of temporary changes to public access to County Government services.  These temporary changes are being made in an attempt to address the current COVID-19 public health crisis wherein an aggressive response is necessary to control the spread of the virus.  Closures and limitations in public access to County services are based on what are considered essential services.  The care and safety of the public and our employees is of our utmost concern as well as the rights of all individuals subject to County Court authority. 

The following is the most updated information regarding access to County offices and related services.  Updates to this information may be necessary as changes in our situation develop.  While most of our offices remain open to the public for now, we ask that in the best interests of the community, only essential business with the County be conducted in person and when necessary, physical proximity and personal hygiene recommendations be followed. 

The Mahoning County Commissioners, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, issued a directive that effective May 18, 2020 all county employees and the public are required to wear face coverings when working or conducting business in all county buildings.  The directive includes that all people entering the Mahoning County Courthouse will have their temperatures taken at the courthouse door, and state guidelines for social distancing will be followed. Thank you for your cooperation and compliance with regard to these measures implemented for the safety of the public.

I. MAHONING COUNTY COURTHOUSE – is open.  Access will be scrutinized by security with health screening being utilized upon entry and Court ordered permissions being applied. 

  • COMMISSIONERS’ PUBLIC HEARINGS – While the hearing are open to the public the seating will be spaced out to address proximity protocol. In addition individuals can conference in, we have made arrangements to use the following: Conference Bridge: Outside phone line: 330-740-2131, Access Code: 0988980, (Note: Internal county department call use ext. 8166) for public access to meetings.

Real Estate Procedures: 

  • Complete Property Transfer Instructions and Deed Requirements can be found on the Auditor’s webpage as well as the drop-off table outside of the Auditor’s Office. All property record information is available on the Auditor’s page at
  • Individuals/Public may enter the Public Counter Area for assistance - mask and social distancing required.  If no assistance is needed, please utilize the Deed Drop-off tray.
  • In an effort to reduce traffic in the Public Counter Area, Title Agencies / Attorneys should continue to use the Deed Drop-off tray outside of the Auditor’s Office for all property/deed transfers.
  • Deeds will be transferred Monday through Friday.
  • Deeds dropped off by 3:00 p.m. will be transferred the same day.
  • Any deed dropped off after 3:00 p.m. can be picked up the next day.
  • All deeds that are dropped off must include checks and completed forms.  Always include a contact name and phone number. A separate check is required for each document.
  • If deeds are not prepared correctly or if forms are not completed and payment is not included, the deed(s) will be placed in the Deed Pick-Up rack to be corrected.
  • For more efficient service, place your documents in a folder or envelope and they will be returned to you the same way. 
  • For questions, please contact the Auditor’s Office at (330)740-2010.  If no one answers, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

The GIS/Tax Map department of the Auditor’s Office will continue to be closed to the public.  Baskets to drop off documents for processing will be provided in the 1st floor lobby of the administration building located on a table before security. Email submittals will not be accepted. The GIS/Tax Map department can be contacted by calling 330-740-2455 or by email at or

This schedule is subject to change.  Changes will be posted immediately.

  • TREASURER’S OFFICE/LAND BANK –The office shall continue to be closed to the general public until further notice.  We are continuing to perform duties essential to the operation of Mahoning County other than those requiring personal contact with our staff.  We have full staff reporting on a daily basis during our normal office hours Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  PLEASE NOTE:  As of the date of this release plans are to continue this method of operation through 2nd Half tax collection.  Tax bills are being sent early and the deadline for on-time payment is Friday August 7.  The bills have begun to be mailed and taxpayers can expect to begin receiving during the week of June 22.  All tax payments must be made by check or money order through the mail or online from your bank account or using a credit card.  We will arrange one-on-one meetings with our taxpayers if absolutely necessary, and this will be by exception only.  Please call first to make an appointment.
    We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.  Inquiries should be directed to Treasurer’s office 330-740-2460 and or LandBank 330-259-1040 and  
  • RECORDER’S OFFICE – The office is closed from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. for lunch.  The issuance of veterans document ID cards has resumed.
  • PROBATE COURT – Please review the attached Judgment Entry which provides options to individuals to file documents electronically as well as attend certain hearings telephonically so that they do not need to personally appear at the court.  With these common sense options along with your understanding, normal court operations shall continue.  For individuals inquiring regarding marriage license applications and copies, Please click here. Effective March 23rd, 2020, access to these courts will be limited to the following individuals:  plaintiffs (including victims), defendants, lawyers, prosecutors, witnesses under subpoena, individuals have relevant business with the Clerk of Courts and any individual deemed essential and necessary by the Court. 
  • COMMON PLEAS COURT - Hours of operation Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Effective July 20, 2020 Jury Trials will resume. JE Resumption of Jury Trials
  • DOMESTIC COURTS - Hours of operation commencing on May 26, 2020 as follows: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • CLERK OF COURTS – Public Counter is open.  However it is encouraged that e-file for civil entries be used as well as the online dockets.  Please exercise social distancing and recommended proximities when conducting necessary business.


In order to protect the public health, to protect the health and safety of the public at large, litigants, court employees, law enforcement, attorneys and to comply with recommendations limiting the size of public gatherings and to reduce unnecessary travel, the Court hereby issues the following order immediately:

CIVIL CASES – All pending and subsequently filed civil proceedings will be continued and not reset until further notice;  The court will not act or issue orders on any civil matters until after June 1, 2020.

CRIMINAL AND TRAFFIC CASES – This Court has the authority to sua sponte continue any criminal and traffic matters pursuant to ORC Section 2945.72(G) and (H),

All Criminal and Traffic cases set for an arraignment (including probation violation arraignments), pre-trial, trial, suppression and/or preliminary hearing where the defendant is not in custody will be continued until after June 1, 2020.

All Criminal and Traffic cases set for an arraignment (including probation violation arraignments) where the defendant is in custody will proceed as scheduled but will be conducted using video or telephonic method with the defendant attending remotely from the Mahoning County Justice Center and the Court conducting an open court session with normal recording protocols being observed when possible.

All Criminal and Traffic cases set for a pre-trial, trial, suppression and/or preliminary hearing where the defendant is in custody shall be continued and reset after June 1, 2020 but before July 30, 2020. In the event that Executive Order 2020-01D expires or is cancelled prior to July 30, 2020, the court may advance and reschedule hearings to meet necessary speedy trial time requirements.

Any County Court Judge may make individual exceptions to the above protocol and may require defendants to be transferred to the court for hearings when that Judge deems it necessary for the proper administration of justice.

COMMUNITY CONTROL REPORTING REQUIREMENTS  - All defendants currently on or subsequently placed on Community Control Status will continue to report as required except that there shall be no in person reporting. Probationers shall report by calling their Probation Officer at the County Court or County Courts where they currently have reporting probation. This means of reporting will remain in effect until further notice. Payments can be made at the Courts between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. every day, Monday through Friday.

The County Court Judges reserve the right to make individual modifications to any case or proceeding before them wherein the Judge finds that it is necessary to advance the proper  administration of justice.

III. MAHONING COUNTY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING – is open.  Access to be scrutinized by security with health screening questions being utilized when necessary.

  • COUNTY COMMISSIONERS’ OFFICE - The public counters in the Commissioner’s Office and Purchasing are open for necessary business only.  Please exercise social distancing and proximities when visiting.  Office staff is either staggered or working remotely from home.  
  • TAX MAP/GIS OFFICE - Starting May 11th, baskets to drop off documents for processing will be provided in the 1st floor lobby of the administration building located on a table before security. Also, email submittals will no longer be accepted. They can be contacted by calling (330)740-2455 or by email at or
  • PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE – Criminal and Civil offices are closed to the public.  Essential services and staffing have been identified and staggering of in-office personnel is being implemented in conjunction with remote and telephonic work as recommended by the State and the CDC. 

IV.  JUVENILE JUSTICE CENTER – Is primarily closed to the public with exceptions. 

a) – The lobby at the Juvenile Court is closed to the public with the exception of proceedings deemed necessary by the Court.
b) – All visitation to students detained in the Juvenile Justice Center is suspended until further notice to ensure the health and wellbeing of the students under the County’s care and control.


V.   OAKHILL RENAISSANCE PLACE – Is open to the public.

  • JOB AND FAMILY SERVICES and CHILD SUPPORT – No public access to the lobbies and public areas.  Public Counters for JFS will be closed effective Wednesday, March 18th.  Phone applications will continue to be taken.  Genetic Testing is cancelled for 6-8 weeks.  Administrative child support hearings will be conducted telephonically until further notice.  Please call 330-740-2073 or 1-800-528-9511 on the date and time indicated on your hearing notice .  Child support payments can be made using the following methods:

a.) - mailed to: CSPC, PO Box 182372 Columbus, OH 43218

b.) - credit card/debit payments can be accessed through https://OH.SMARTCHILDSUPPORT.COM

c.) - by telephone: call the CSPC at 1-888-965-2676 and choose option 5.

  • CORONER’S OFFICE – Office is open for necessary public safety matters.  Please call with questions.
  • TITLE DEPARTMENT – The Mahoning County Title Department will remain closed through April 10, 2020.  The office will re-open on Monday April 13, 2020 at 8:00 A.M. with the following restrictions.   In person title processing will be limited to Auto Dealers and BMV registrar work only.  Title for the public will be processed by mail only.  Acceptance of passport applications remain suspended. 
  • BOARD OF ELECTIONS – Public counter is open.  Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, M.D. signed a public health order regarding the closure of the polling locations in the state of Ohio on March 17th for preventing the spread of contagious or infectious diseases. Ohio’s Primary Election Day will be completed April 28, 2020. Please contact Mahoning County Board of Elections for additional information or check their website at
  • VETERANS’ SERVICES – Office is closed to the public until further notice, however the office will be staffed and conducting business by phone or email during regular business hours.  Veteran transportation will continue with pre-screening done by the staff.  
  • SOLID WASTE/RECYCLING – Office is closed to the public however staff available by phone.    

VI.  MAHONING COUNTY JUSTICE CENTER – The lobby of the Justice Center is closed to the public until further notice with the exception of mandated operations.

a.) - Inmate visitation is suspended until further notice with the exception of clergy, attorneys and video visitation. 

b.) – Records Department non-court ordered functions will be suspended until further notice. 

c.) – Mission-critical contractors and visiting attorneys are permitted access but will have to submit to health screenings upon entry.

d.) – Conceal-carry program is open Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

e.) – All volunteer programs are suspended indefinitely.

VII. SANITARY ENGINEER’S DEPARTMENT – The Public Counter Is Open And By Appointment Only. To Schedule An Appointment Contact The Department At 330 793 5514, Select Option # 5

  • Sanitary sewer permits will be issued by appointment only and must be scheduled with the department between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm at 330 793 5514, ext 8209 or ext 8212 or 8207.
  • Payments for sewer and water are encouraged to be made by check and mailed or online or auto deduct. In person payments will be accepted but are by appointment only and scheduled between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:00 pm and can be made by calling 330‐793‐5514 – option 5
  • The department will suspend temporarily any water disconnects and return water service if disconnected for non payment.
  • Questions concerning your sewer and or water bill may be emailed to or call 330 793 5514, ext 8226. Please allow one (1) to three (3) days for a response. Please know a response will be made.
  • Inspections for new laterals must be scheduled twenty four (24) hours in advance. Call 330 793 5514 ext 8209, ext 8212 or ext 8207.
  • For any sanitary sewer related issues, backups, call 330 758‐6641
  • General information inquiries can be e‐mailed to
  • Sanitary engineering department business office will continue to operate with a modified staffing plan to maintain ongoing essential services.
  • Updates and changes will appear on this website, check back frequently.

VIII. MAHONING COUNTY ENGINEER’S DEPARTMENT – The office is closed to the public.  However, checks will be accepted through breezeway window.  Permits can be requested online. 

IX.    DOG WARDEN’S OFFICE – The department is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. with the following restrictions.  Stray reporting and retrieval continues as well as dropping off of strays in the rear entrance.   Please call the department and make arrangements to bring the dog in and staff will come to your car to retrieve the animal.  If you have lost your dog, call the office and staff will advise how to communicate to check if your dog is in the custody of the department.  Licenses are being issued by mail only.  License applications can be found on the County Website and mailed into the department. Licenses will be mailed back to you. The Volunteer program remains suspended until May 1st, 2020 where at that time, the situation will be re-evaluated.  Adoption forms are available online and all adoption meet and greets are by appointment only with an approved application until further notice. 


  • If you are sick, have a fever, constant cough or sneezing, do not enter at this time. Please call (330-270-2894) and we will do everything possible to assist you in the permit process via fax, phone, email or us mail.   
  • Masks are required in the building.  Stop by the health dept inside the front door if you do not have one. 
  • To protect the safety of the public and the employees we are limiting the number of customers at our counter to two (2). Please remain in the lobby until your turn and maintain a 6 foot distance with others. 
  • Once inside, remain on the blue carpet runner, keeping a safe 6 feet distance away as recommended by the CDC. 
  • To minimize contact, permit techs will instruct you through the process of applying, paying, and picking up plans. 
  • The counter area is being disinfected after each transaction.
  • Inspector counter hours have been suspended. If needed, the inspector can be contacted during normal business hours via phone 330-270-2894 or email.

Please follow the recommendations for Ohio at and exercise caution in your actions

XI.     MAHONING COUNTY CHILDRENS SERVICES BOARD - The Mahoning County Children Services Board will continue to provide protective services to the public during this unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Please continue to report any suspicions of child abuse or neglect to our report line at 330-941-8888. However, to protect the public’s health and slow the rate of transmission of COVID-19, some services we provide to families may be postponed or modified. If you have a scheduled event or activity with Children Services, such as a family visitation, case review meeting, or other appointment, please call your case worker or our general information line at 330-941-8888 to determine whether there have been any changes. At this time, the Children Services building will be open to the public. Those seeking entrance will be subject to a COVID-19 screening procedure and entrance may be denied dependent upon the results.”

 XII.  BOARD OF DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES -  Leonard Kirtz School is closed for three weeks. The Centre at Javit is now closed as well.  All non-essential staff in all Board departments are working remotely where possible.   All questions regarding closures or services should be directed to the DD Board office. 

XIII. MAHONING COUNTY TRAINING ASSOCIATION – Offices will be closing to the public as of Tuesday, March 17th through Sunday, April 5th.  All MCTA offices and the Mahoning and Columbiana County OhioMeansJobs (One-Stop) centers, including the Oak Hill satellite will be closed.  Staff will be on hand to answer phones and assist clients.  The public is urged to visit for employment postings and additional resources. To apply for Unemployment Benefits online go to .  or UC Phone 1-877-644-6562.

    For the general public, facilitators can provide basic services:

a)    help guide those filing unemployment online that information on the application process
b)    Provide direction for claimants when completing their Hb2 requirements (resume & Career Profile)
c)    Provide job search assistance
d)    Direct to trainings on in interviewing and computer basics
e)    Remote career exploration
f)    OMJ Mahoning County phone   330-965-1787 ext. 0
g)    OMJ Columbiana County phone 330-420-9675
h)    Website for both counties:

We are able to start or continue individualized services to customers by:

a)    Case management continues by phone to conduct monitoring, needs assessment, career consulting
b)    Based on customer needs, recommend workshops on OMJ
c)    Set up aptitude testing via Career Scope – we are able to see the results on our end and go over them with customers on the phone
d)    Instruct people how to job search on OMJ as well as send job leads via email or mail
e)    Instruct people to complete self-assessment and then suggest services based on recommendations
f)    Continue to provide supportive services to customers enrolled in training programs

Business Services will not conduct group recruitments but can continue to provide 

a)    staff-assisted job posting
b)    resume searches and candidate screening
c)    job description development
d)    labor market information

XIV. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY – Office is open to the public for necessary business.  Please contact Dennis O’Hara by phone with questions pertaining to the County’s response to COVID-19.

XV. MENTAL HEALTH AND RECOVERY BOARD  – Office is closed to the public unless otherwise authorized by the Director. Office is operational, taking calls and performing meetings telephonically.

XVI.    OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION OFFICE (Canfield) -  The office is closed to the public until further notice.  Employees are either working on site or teleworking from home and are available by phone or email.

XVII.    PLANNING COMMISSION OFFICE – Office is closed to the public. Internal and external necessary business to be conducted by appointment only.  Open regular hours 8-4.

XVIII.  SOIL AND WATER BOARD – The office is closed to the public effective immediately until April 3,2020.  Employees will be working a staggered schedule with also working from home.  Phone being answered during regular office hours and inspections being performed when necessary

Mahoning County puts the interests of our citizens and our employees above all else.  All closures and precautionary measures have been implemented in the best interests of those we serve.  We apologize for any inconvenience these measures may cause and appreciate your cooperation during this difficult time.